Monday, March 3, 2008


I was going to show you a picture of my toe, but then I remembered how cute Esther's toes were, all painted and cute. Why would I even think of showing a picture of my toe? Well, because it is so nice and colorful. All kinds of purple. I kicked the door facing when I was coming in here this morning - and it didn't budge! Now my poor toe is swollen and purple. It screams pretty loud if I try to bend it too. Ah well.
I think that means I'll be doing a fair amount of sitting this evening. I had planned on working on the shutter project tonight, but after being on my feet all day, I think I'll pass tonight. (and besides that - it has turned cold again!)

Friday I went to a rug hooking/punchneedle 'social' at one of the fabric shops in Tyler. It was a lot of fun, but I was the only one punching. Well, Sherry brought hers and punched long enough for them to get her new rug stand together. Anyway - this is what I was working on. The first picture is the back which is the side you work from. I actually finished it up yesterday, but I haven't taken a picture yet. I still need to do a little trimming on it then I'll take one and post it.

I tried to work on my red thread project last night but since I stitched every letter at least twice I didn't get very far. I seemed to have a counting problem last night!

Well, that's it for me and my toe this evening. I'm heading for my stitching chair!


Anonymous said...

Dear Toe
Please watch out for door frames, I know that hurts terribly, Well
stitch away.
Love the rug.I want to try this soon. We are talking
about buying a new house and I can
see it in my brand new kitchen. I have decorated everything in my current house so look out.
Cathy from KY

staci said...

Ouch! You definately need to stay off that toe, I think stitching is just what the Dr ordered *wink*!

Vickie said...

Tina - sorry to hear about your toe!!! I ran over my own big toe with a grocery buggy several years ago, split my toenail straight up into the nailbed, and it's never been the same since! Think I don't feel like a klutz!!! Vickie

Margo said...

"It screams pretty loud if I try to bend it too. Ah well." Well then don't bend it :) Really, now I'm sorry you hurt your toe, been there done that. Hope it's not broke. Put it up, and rest easy. everything else will wait.