Sunday, June 8, 2008

What fun!

We are back! We had a wonderful time this weekend - and hope to make it at least an annual event! Twice a year would be even better!

This is where we stayed. The Yellow House B&B. Isn't it just too cute. I love yellow houses!
Our hostess (and host) was super. She had an afternoon snack for us both days (homemade - pound cake and the best brownies!) The breakfast both days was wonderful.

There are 4 guest rooms and we had them all so we weren't disturbing anyone else when we took over the 'common room' for stitching. We all settled in, made our nests and left them until we had to pick up and leave this morning.

We went into town yesterday afternoon for a little shopping then headed back for more stitching.

edited to add names.
Back l-r. Laurie, Sandra, Robyn & Kim
middle l-r. Me, Sarah, Wacine & Kim
front - Sherry

It would have been so nice to have another day - I don't think anyone was ready to come home but here is a group pic just before we all loaded up and headed home.
Now of course I have tons of things to catch up on. I've unloaded my suitcase and started laundry. Need to bake a cake. Have to get out and water - nothing was watered while I was gone so everything is wilting! Lots of blog posts and emails to catch up on too.
Next post will be #200! I hope to make it tomorrow - but it could be Tuesday.


Susie from Bienvenue said...

I bet you they had alot of giggles going on in that room. It reminded me of my scrapbook retreats! Susie H

Anonymous said...

What a happy looking bunch of stitchers....would love to know who they all are, Tina..??

Hugs..C xx

nwalker said...

I went to RoundTop for the big Antique Show for the first time with a friend this past Spring and we stayed in our first Bed and Breakfast and we liked it so much that we booked for Fall and Spring next year! It was so much fun meeting the other guest that stayed in the house and around us. It looks like you had fun stitching with your friends.Keep us informed on your artwork!

Susimac said...

You all look like you had a wonderful stitching trip, thanks for sharing your pics with us.

Michelle said...

What a great trip! Looks like you had a lot of fun..


Anonymous said...

That looked like it was a lot of fun!! I will bet you all had the best time!
Congratulations on your 200 post!

Anonymous said...

It looks as if you all had a wonderful weekend. I am going to love seeing your projects.

I always tell everyone that needles and threads are allergic to me. We just don't meld. But, I can sew on a button. ;-)

Margo said...

Sounds like you had a great time.
What a wonderful place to stay.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tina..thanks for posting who's who:) It's always nice to know.
Wondering if I know Robyn from somewhere..
Hugs, C xx

Linda said...

How fun...the get-away sounds great. I loved were you stayed and your nesting area was so light and airy. What a happy weekend. Hugs, Linda

Kathy said...

Fun time I know. Like the common area for stitching. Our B&B does not have that kind of room. I am sure you were not ready to leave at the end.

Still looking for the neon orange pedicure picture. LOL.