Wednesday, September 10, 2008

For Rue

Daddy brought me another 'mess' of purple hull peas yesterday and since I had shelled the last two, hubby shelled this bucket full.

Rue - this is what they look like after being shelled. Next time I cook some, I'll show you what they look like ready-to-eat. :)

While hubby was shelling peas

I stitched on a pink pig!


Barbara Jacksier said...

Your purple peas kind of look like black eyed peas but in green. Are they related?

Anonymous said...

Does your pig have lipstick too? ;)

Rue said...

LOL Tina :)

Thank you for showing me!

Are you clear from Ike?? I thought of you while I was watching the news and now that I see you're in East Texas I'm hoping you're safe.