Thursday, September 4, 2008

What Gustav left behind

This is the total left behind by Gustav (well - in my yard at least)

one half inch of rain. We won't talk about the traffic in town, since it should have mostly cleared out by now. Tuesday it was bumper to bumper heading south out of town. (I didn't go near the main road yesterday so I can't say for sure)

We are also having cooler than normal temps which meant when I got home at 5:00 yesterday there were still morning glory blooms - they usually melt by noon. I'm sure the cooler temps won't last, but it will be nice for another day or so! They say the sun should come back out today.

I'm steadily working on the Red Thread project. I'm still working on the August square but I have hopes to actually catch up and finish the Sept. square this month.
Off to do those 'Thursday things'.
Have a great day!


Michelle said...

I hope life gets back to normal for you~

Your morning glories are so pretty!


Vickie said...

The morning glories are beautiful, Tina - I'll have to plant some next year--

Just stoppin' by to say hi and see what's going on in your corner of the planet! I've been so busy lately, haven't had much time to blog or do anything fun - I'm ready to get outside in some cooler weather! Vickie

Margo said...

yep, Gustav was a big nothing for us too. We were prepared for the worst, 20" of rain they said. Well we lucked out for sure. The Cooler temps are sure nice aren't they.
your stitchin project looks great, and so do the beautiful blue flowers.

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Glad Gustav just gave you a good soakin' and nothing worse.

Your Morning Glory vine is looking FANTASTIC!!!