Tuesday, September 2, 2008

So far

so good. This is all the rain we have had from Gustav so far.

The power went off at 10:30 last night, but came back on immediately. It is a little breezy out, but I think we have dodged most of the effects of Gustav. I'm sure we will probably still get rain, but it doesn't look anything like what they were predicting on Sunday. Whew.


Nola said...

Well, that's more than we got; it's dry as a bone here! Gustav arrived empty handed, although they are still saying there's a "chance" of a little precip. At least it's cloudy, and breezy, so things are a few degrees cooler than usual.

Anonymous said...

After what you wrote yesterday, I got out there and took down the many wind chimes, moved lamps off tables. And so far just rain. I hope this is it. We were without electricity last week due to a neighborhood blip, so hope we don't go there again! The internet is acting kind of wonky, but who knows what that is.

Esther Sunday said...

Good news!
Love, Esther

elizabeth said...

Glad you came out ok! The Gustaf predictions had me worried for everybody.

Rue said...

Hi Tina :)

I'm glad to hear it isn't doing the damage that was predicted!

Your morning glories are gorgeous!