Friday, September 5, 2008

Just shellin'

No stitching here last night. Daddy planted fall peas this year since the summer ones didn't produce so well. He picked these for me yesterday and I shelled them last night.

My fingers are only slightly purple today, but my thumb sure is sore!
Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I recall watching my grandmothers shelling peas in their apron laps. I remember the garden in summer, with fresh blackberries and strawberries. Gobbling up the fruit as I stood in the sun watching them hoe the red dirt that produced our food.

cherry said...

Ya know I have never shelled peas. I think that is so sad that I never have. I bet those will taste yummy. I am glad Gustav didn't terrorize you too much...and that you are safe!!!! cherry

Lorilee said...

Hi Tina,
I have never had the purple hull peas. My mom and I have always grown "cream peas". I didn't have any luck with mine this spring. I learned quickly to pick them slightly yellowish so they are easier to shell! I haven't planted a fall garden in years because it is too hectic at that time.

Anonymous said...

Nothing better than fresh peas..... yummmy..

Rue said...

Tina, I hate to tell you this, but I have never seen peas that color. I thought the were green... hmmm...