Sunday, February 15, 2009

Clock at night

I don't have a lot of pictures to share at the moment. Last weekend when coming home from packing MIL's house I got the dh to drive through town so I could take a picture of the clock at night. Isn't it pretty? I'm still hoping to catch it on the hour - it plays a tune then chimes out the hour - but so far my timing is always off.
Got my van back last week but something just wasn't right. It was pulling to the left (it was not doing that when it went to the shop) of course the extent of my auto knowledge is where the key and the gas go. I figured it needed an alignment (although for the life of me, I couldn't figure how the transmission and wheel alignment were related) anyway - took it to the tire shop and learned that the sub-frame had not been put back on exactly straight, so back to the transmission shop I went. I usually leave these kinds of things to the dh but he was out of town so I had to do it myself. Of course when I told the guy what the deal was he looked at me like I had just landed on this planet from outer space. Why do mechanics do that? (I had the card from the tire shop where they had written down exactly what they told me - I wasn't just pulling it out of thin air)He said he had been in business for 42 years and that was the first time he had heard that one. He drove it and couldn't deny it was pulling. He called the tire store and talked to the guy there, then went back to talk to his installer - he was gone a long time and when he came back said he had talked to the tire store again. Anyway - it is going back to the tire store tomorrow for them to fix it (and bill the transmission shop!) Hopefully it will be right this time.
We spent yesterday working on getting the house ready and will spend today doing the same. I've packed up a few boxes - some for storage, some for garage sale or donation. My sister is planning to have a garage sale sometime this spring - if she gets to it before we move I'll stick some stuff in it, if not, I'll donate it - either way it isn't moving with us.
Oh - and remember that six square feet of empty space in the storage building - not only did SIL think she could get the boxes she left here in it, she brought more of her own crap from home! I haven't been out to look and I haven't been by the house to see how much she actually cleaned. And the next line is 'I ain't gonna.'
Daylight is burning - I better get busy!


Jan said...

OH Tina, love the clock pic! It is beautiful. Still keeping good thoughts for you to get as much done as possible, but still get plenty of rest. Don't forget to pick up that needle and stitch a few stitches! It will be a great prescription for stress, and you won't have to go and pay for it at the pharmacy!:)

Hugs, Jan

Margo said...

Hope they fix your car. Mechanics are a strange group of folks. No insult intended. And they really don't do well with women.
take care,

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

I think I'm glad I don't have many relatives! You must be so distracted with an impending move and all that goes along with it. You don't need car and MIL problems right now. But of course that is when everything seems to happen; when you don't need it to!

Rue said...

Hi Tina :)

Thank you for making the effort to get a picture of the clock. It's beautiful at night!

You are so busy!! I know what you're going through though and I'm sorry, but it'll be done soon. Take a deep breath and dream shop for a house ;)