Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More stitching magazines

I was going to split the remaining magazines into a couple of posts, but I've decided it will be easier to list them all at once.
Same rules apply as yesterday. First come, first served - be sure to leave an email address so I can email and get your mailing information, if there is no email I will move on to the next request. (I get my comments in my email box - I'm pretty sure they hit my email in the same order as the comments are posted on the blog - if not, sorry, but that is how I am checking them) I will try to edit the post to mark them as they are taken but I'm up to my ears in boxes so there may be a little delay.

Cross Stitch & Needlework, March/April 2000 - gone

Stoney Creek, August 2007 - gone

Leisure Arts, February 1997 - gone

For The Love of Cross Stitch, November 1997 - gone

For The Love of Cross Stitch, March 1998 - gone

For The Love of Cross Stitch, September 1997 - gone

The Stitchery, January 1999 - gone

Fine Lines, Spring 1998 - gone

Fine Lines, Winter 1998 - gone

Fine Lines, Fall 1997 - gone

Fine Lines, Summer 1998 - gone

Just Cross Stitch, June 2008 - gone

Just Cross Stitch, June 2005 - gone

Just Cross Stitch, 2004 Ornament Issue - gone

Just Cross Stitch, 2002 Ornament Issue - gone
Unless I come across some more while packing this will be all for now.

I'm planning to go to the post office on Friday - any magazines left unclaimed at that point will be going in the Goodwill box.


staci said...

More wonderful magazines! Can I have the Fine Lines spring 1998? If no one wants the other Fine Lines mags, I would love to have them too.

Thank you so much for generous offer :)

Courtney said...

I would love the two JCS ornaments issues! Thank you!

Courtney said...

my email address is - thank you again!!

ROxyMoron said...

If you still have the March 1998 FTLOCS left, I would like to ask for it.

Anonymous said...

I would love to have For the Love of Cross Stitch November, 1997 issue. Thanks.

Teresa said...

I would like FTLOCS September and The Stitchery Jan.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

My first post doesn't seem to have registered again so I'm sending again. Hope The Cross Stitch & Needlework March/April 2000 issue has not been taken up yet? Otherwise Stoney Creek Aug 2007 would be just as lovely. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I would like Leisure Arts February 1997 if you still have.

Hugs :)