Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The temp hit 101 yesterday and is supposed to do the same again today. It has been 30 days without rain (so far). What is a girl to do when it is so hot out? First she should water the few plants she has outside - then -

play with fabric!


Michelle said...

Hi Tina!

Have fun with that fabric.. Stay cool, we are trying to as well!


Rue said...

Hi Tina :)

It's already 80 at 9:50am here. The weather has been unusually warm this early in the summer. We were taking walks every night too, but now I sweat too much to enjoy it now... yuck. I miss cool weather.

I think your apt. is nice! Much better than what you made it sound like LOL, but I know it's hard when you miss your house. Your kitchen was darling and I love and have to have a deep sink too ;)


Unknown said...

WOW!!! It was 90 here in Michigan yesterday and I thought that was hot, lol!

I am so sorry you have to sell your beautiful yellow house :( I adore it! BUT, just think of how fun it will be to redecorate a new one :) I have a deep sink too and I love it!!!!! The whole kitchen is gorgeous!!

Big hugs,