Wednesday, June 3, 2009

25 years

Yesterday, after 25 years of service, my brother retired from the Air Force.

1984 - he looks so young! (he was young - only 19)

2005 (the last time I saw him)
Over the next few days he, along with his wife and youngest daughter, will be making his way back to East Texas. He has two other daughters, the oldest stayed behind when they moved posts several years back and the middle daughter is staying behind this time. I know my mother will be glad to have him close to home again.
Here's hoping for a safe, uneventful trip home!


Rue said...

I'm glad your brother is coming back. Any chance he might want to buy your house??? ;)


Nola said...

Congrats to your brother and my heartfelt thanks for his service to this country. Hope he has an enjoyable retirement!

Michelle said...

That's wonderful that your brother is coming home.. enjoy!