Monday, June 15, 2009

Porches - and sinks

A couple of weeks ago there was a great porch party going on in blogland. I didn't participate because my porch is 150 miles away. :(

This is what I have here

It is 'maybe' 4' deep and 15' wide but then you have to take out for the post that is slap in the middle. It is better than nothing, but I sure miss this

Something else I miss - my kitchen sink.

Is that an odd thing to miss? When we remodeled our kitchen we splurged on an extra deep sink. I love that sink. The one here is pretty much too shallow to spit in, much less get a good old sink full of sudsy water without splashing it out all over yourself. (I couldn't find a closer picture of the sink on my 'puter and trust me, even if hubby hadn't taken off with my camera today, the one here ain't worth snapping a pic of!) I wonder if it is odd to be so interested in a sink? Must be because nearly every house we have looked at - no matter how nice the kitchen - the sinks are shallow! Why spend all that money on granite counters then put in a wimpy sink? Yes, I know most people use dishwashers these days but sometimes you just need a big ole sink of soapy water - or at least I do.
Well - that's my 'gritch' session for the day. :)
I'll try to make my next post less 'gritchy'.


Lorilee said...

I'm with you on the need for a large and deep sink. After all, the big stock pots and cookie sheet aren't usually put into the dishwasher!
I don't have much of a front porch either!

Nola said...

Amen on the sink! I think men (who never use the sink) design them. If I ever remodel, I will have a sink big enough to bathe the baby!
BTW ~ your porch is still bigger than mine, it's only a 3x4' stoop!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Yes, you need a big sink to soak big pots and such! When I re-did my kitchen a few years ago I made sure I put in a nice deep seek with no dividers!

There's a lot you can do with that space and my feeling is any outside space is better than no outside space!


Anonymous said...