Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just plain hot

That is about all you can say about the weather here these days. We are supposed to hit 100 tomorrow. Yuck.

I took this picture awhile back. For awhile, dh and I would get out and walk around the block every evening when he got home from work. It was a nice shady walk, but now it is still in the 90s when he gets home. Heck, it is still in the 90s until after it gets dark. I like being outside, but I don't like being out when it is sweltering hot. (among other things, getting too hot usually triggers a migraine and I have enough of those without asking for another) Hopefully we will get some rain soon and it will cool off enough for a few more evening strolls - then again, it may be September or October before we get to walk again.
Hope you are all having a pleasant week. All I can say is thank goodness for air conditioning!


Nola said...

I just saw where it hit 100 at the airport for the first time today! We were walking in the early morning, but now it's in the 70's and muggy, so forget it!

Anonymous said...
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