Friday, June 26, 2009

Just for me

I've been working on some things that are gifts (including the little snippet I showed yesterday) but I finished up this throw late yesterday and it is just for me.

It is a really good thing I like the crinkly look since it helps cover up how awful my quilting is. I really hope to get better at it - someday.
Someone asked about the quilt on the end of the bed. The one hanging is one I purchased a long time ago (maybe 10 years?) I ordered out of Country Living magazine. When I bought it we were still sleeping in a full-size bed and I used it as the bed cover. When we bought the queen-size bed it would still work, but could stand to be a few inches wider. I still love it, so I hung it on the foot board! The yellow and blue quilt folded at the foot of the bed was given to me by a friend who no longer uses those colors in her home. I don't think there is anything between the top and backing. Sherry didn't make it, she had bought it when she had those colors in her home. I don't know if she has any idea how old it is or not - I'll have to ask her. Sometimes I swap them around and hang the yellow and blue one - just to be a little different! :)
Today I've been working on another gift - I'm doing some applique and it doesn't look any better than my quilting does. Maybe I should try hand applique and hand quilting - I do better with hand work than I do with machine work! I'm still debating if it looks too bad to give as a gift or if I should start over.
I think it is time for a chocolate break.
Have a great weekend!


Sherry said...

I never could do applique that I was happy with! These colors are beautiful!

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Chocolate always clears the mind. The more chocolate the better. LOL . The prints are beautiful.

Hugs :)


Unknown said...

Your newly finished throw is beautiful! And, I'm sure your quilting is not at all awful, silly you! I so wish I had learned to quilt year's ago...all quilts are usually very stunning.

Ahhhh-a chocolate break sound fabulous...never need a good excuse on my end, for one of those.

Rue said...

Hi Tina :)

I think your quilt is beautiful! You're too hard on yourself.

Thank you for the sweet comment about Shiloh.


Jan said...

Love these colors, Tina!! Anything you create and aren't happy with, I would love to give them a good home...yeah I know, right, you say! LOL

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog; love it!
As for your stitching imperfections, I beg to differ. (I first learned to embroider when I was four years old.)
People LOVE the old, imperfect things. One of my favorite pieces is a motto that my OCD daughter stitched perfectly, except for misspelling a word!
From someone who stitches joyfully, but not perfectly, the beauty of it is not perfection, but the love that's in it!
Suz in the Tules