Friday, December 18, 2009

A few stockings

I made a little stocking to hang in 'my' room

then I made two to send to baby boy and his bride (they are hanging over the stockings we have used for the last 25 years - I stitched the names and my grandmother made the stockings) I 'stuffed' them and mailed them off to Minnesota.

hung a little r/w/b stocking in one of the guest rooms. I didn't make that one - found it half price one year and it matches the room. Can't beat that!

and if you look out the window in the r/w/b room you can see this! I think they ran out of yard space!
I'm going to get out one evening after dark and get pictures of the houses on the street. Maybe tonight? I'm sure it will be cold once the sun goes down, but at least we had SUN today!


Donna said...

Really like your stitched ornaments. Your "structure" with the lights is REALLY pretty. Alot better looking than the tacky ornaments on your neighbors roofs. Your neighborhood "rules" are really strange. Donna from MI (

Anonymous said...

I love the gate in the red/w/b room! Everything is looking so good! Terry in Arlington

Sherry said...

I just love the stockings!