Monday, December 7, 2009

How many?

So how many trees did 'she who wasn't really going to do any Christmas decorating this year' end up with?

She started with this one in the master bedroom - because it was in the closet, not in a box and the ornaments on it were also in the closet - in a box all alone and marked 'master bedroom tree'. (they were from the larger tree that has been in the master bedroom the past few years) And where did the usual master bedroom tree end up? Stay tuned! :)


Karen said...

I'm guessing there are at least 5 trees up -- maybe more!! I made your crock pot soup for dinner tonight. I used my last can of spanish rice. I hope Brookshire Bros. has it again this year.

Anonymous said...

I love the whole vignette. I really love the cloche with the bride and groom! Terry in Arlington