Thursday, December 31, 2009

How to spend a rainy day

Yesterday was a rainy day here - so I decided to make a big mess. I took all the decorations off the Christmas tree - including the lights so I will have no choice but to re-light it next year. (or buy a new tree but since I already have the lights. . .we will see!) There was one whole string that was out and all the bulbs looked burned out on that string. I tried replacing a couple of bulbs but they wouldn't work either so I just threw the whole strand away. The other strands only had 11 bulbs out between them, but if I'm going to re-light the thing, I'm going to do it all.

I have bought my kiddos a new Hallmark ornament every year since they were born. Sometimes they might get other ornaments, some from other people, some they got from school or church but they each get one Hallmark every year and they all go into their own box. When they were old enough I started letting them pick their own. When they are ready to have their own tree, they can take their box of ornaments (if they want them) Until a few years ago, they each put their own ornaments on the tree. So far they haven't taken them so they still go on my tree every year - I miss them being here to hang their own ornaments. (my tree will someday be so bare!)

For the 'snow people' aka baby boy and his bride, I picked the ornament for them this year - impulse shopping - I hope if they ever decide they don't like flamingos anymore they tell me! I have more than a few flamingo ornaments on my tree that I have picked up for them!

Brian's pick for this year

And Timothy's. He usually picks Taz, but there wasn't one this year.

This is the one I got for us.
The tree is still standing but I'll work on that and the rest of the indoor decorations over the next few days. Hubby will get the outside over the weekend.

Annemarie - I picked up the plant stand at a craft show several months ago. It has been sitting in that same spot - waiting for spring and flowers - when I was decorating for Christmas I just stuck some garland and lights in it so it didn't look bare! You can find them here. The website says they have a permanent booth at Canton. I've seen them there and was planning to buy one next time I went, but who knows how long that will be!

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Lorilee said...

I love the idea of starting ornament collections for children. My boys each have a tub of ornaments. My tree will stay up another week. It seems like I just put it up!