Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The birthday boy, missing posts and a break

First up - the birthday boy

at 6 months

and now!

He didn't get his favorite cake (Italian Cream) for his birthday last year but I've already got it baked this morning and as soon as it cools, I'll get it frosted!

Happy birthday, baby. Love you. xoxo

On to the missing posts - well, according to dashboard, this is post 498, but according to the archive count it is post 493. I have no idea as to why the count is off by 5 posts. Anyway - that means sometime in October I'll hit post 500. I think I'll do a little give-away. Not sure what (not a whole box like last time, but I'll find something nice). I'll just have to decide which counter I want to use - maybe I'll split the difference - which brings me to the break. I said earlier that September was a busy month for me. I'm having a hard time keeping up with myself. I keep thinking tomorrow I'll get caught up a little, then something pops up to throw my day off course and I just get more behind so I'm going to take a break from the computer. Usually when I take a bloggy break, I try to keep up with email but I am going cold turkey here and I'm going to walk away from the computer for the rest of the month. Hopefully by the end of September things will slow down a bit and I can catch up. Of course by then, there will be no way I'll ever catch up on blog reading so I'll have to decide if I want to just mark them all read or skim through as quick as I can. I'll figure that out later.

So, I'll keep an eye out for something to give-away when I get back to posting. I'll take whatever comments come in between now and then and draw from them. Since I won't be posting anything new for you to comment on - send the hubby a happy birthday wish, just say hi or go back and find an interesting post from the past to comment on and I'll put your name in the pot for the mystery gift. That's it, how easy is that? (contact info must be included so I can contact you)

Enjoy the rest of your month. I hope by the time I post again we will have a little cooler weather - it is still way too hot here! I can't even get in the mood to put out fall decor with it this hot!

See ya in a few weeks!


Mary Beth said...

Tina, I admire you for taking a complete computer break. I know I certainly couldn't do it! I hope things slow down a bit for you soon. And please pass on birthday wishes to your hubby! "See" you when you return.

Karen said...

I wondered if Jimmy was going to get his Italian Cream cake this year. I wished him Happy Birthday on Facebook this morning. Enjoy your time away from the computer. I will miss your posts.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your husband! I will miss your posts and emails. Terry

Anonymous said...

Hope your hubby had a great birthday!!! It has started to cool down here, hope your weather is nicer soon.
Take care,
Donna in WV

All things beautiful said...

Happy birthday to your hubby, Tina. Gosh! How time flies...I remember last year, you blogged about the celebration being interrupted... by your mum's op, right? Well, hope this round, both of you will have a great time of celebration together.

annemarie said...

Hope you enjoy your break - I admire you on taking a computer break!! I would not count on the cooler weather coming anytime soom - I agree - the heat this summer has been a killer.

Stephanie said...

I read in an earlier post that you bought 'Peppermint Twist'. I love that chart. I stitched it last year and it turned out beautiful. You'll love to add it to your collection.