Friday, September 3, 2010

Can you say humid?

Mercy, but it is humid here!
It has been raining off and on and between showers it is just down right awful! I went out to do some errands - the sun was shining and when I got out of the car my sunglasses fogged up! By the time I came out of the first store it was pouring again. Oh well.

I'm pretty far behind on most everything at the moment. We have made 2 trips to J'ville/Tyler this week. On Monday, hubby had a class in Tyler but it didn't start until afternoon so I rode with him, dropped him off and met a friend for lunch. After we finished lunch we took a jaunt through an antique mall. I only picked up a couple of small things but here is what I came out with.

This blue Coca-Cola glass. Most of the time Coke stuff is more green than this - in person this looks more like the color of the Blue Ball jars, which I love! At a buck and change, I thought it would be cute with some summer flowers in it. Love the pink edging on the vintage hankie too.

I also picked up this cute watering can. Right now I have it in one of the guest rooms.

Got change back from my ten dollar bill - not bad!

We had to go back Wednesday evening so hubby could make an early morning meeting, then we didn't get back until late last night. After having errands to do this morning, I'm beat! No rest for the weary though. We had plans to paint the master bath this weekend but the oldest kidlet called last night and said he was coming in tomorrow. I'm not sure exactly how much we will actually get done but we will see. I'll take the trade-off though if it means I get to have one of my kiddos here for a few days!

Have a happy and safe holiday weekend!


Anonymous said...

nice treasures!
I know yall are having a great weekend! Houston has to be the most humid place on earth. Terry

All things beautiful said...

I love your watering can. What a great buy :)

Brenda Pruitt said...

Which antique mall do you go to? I went to two over the weekend.