Monday, March 21, 2011

Way up top

So, how do you paint all the way up to the top of stairs? Especially when the stairs have a curve in them? After much thinking and discussion (like for over a year!) and trying, unsuccessfully, to rent something to help with the process, this is what we came up with.

Doesn't it look fun? No, I did not get up on the ladder.

but hubby did.

This corner has been much cussed and discussed

but I am happy to say it has finally been painted!

before - looking up

after- looking up

before - from the kitchen/breakfast area

after. So much better!

Now I can start thinking about maybe hanging something on those walls and since we own the concrete blocks and the ladder we will have them when I find just the right thing to hang.

We actually managed to get all the painting done on Saturday so we worked in the flowerbeds on Sunday. I'll show those pics in the next post.

Hope you had a great weekend!


Karen said...

I can't believe Jimmy got up on that ladder!!! I'm glad he didn't get hurt. It looks great!

All Things Beautiful said...

You must tell your hubby that all your friends oooh-d and aaah-d about the new look... great motivation for more painting / repairing / decorating jobs to come!!! LOL! Seriously Tina, both of you did great here.