Sunday, October 7, 2007


No, pumpkin! This hurricane candle holder was looking kind of boring so I thought I would 'fall it up' a bit by putting a little pumpkin in it. (I'm considering painting the base either black or white - what do you think? Hummm - after seeing it in the picture I might leave it as is - until I decide to move it elsewhere!)

Went to a play at SFA in Nac. Friday night - Lend Me A Tenor. If you are close enough, they have some great shows there. (Saturday was the last performance of Tenor - it was great!) The next show is As You Like It, November 13-17. I'm sure you will read more about that one here since baby boy has a part in that one.

No stitching to report from yesterday. Hopefully there will be some stitching going on later today!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Linda said...

Your pumpkin looks cute in the hurricane.....I like it as is but if you do decide to paint the base I'd go with black.

Is your son an aspiring actor? Good luck to him in As You Like It, one of my favorites by W.S..

Esther Sunday said...

I think it looks great!!!!