Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Silly Scarecrow!

He was hiding in a box with Christmas decor! Of course it was a box that was on the bottom of a stack. I have no idea why he wasn't in the box with the rest of the flags but anyway. Now you are asking, why am I posting pictures of the silly scarecrow? That would be because I haven't done any stitching! (and I'm starting to get cranky) I haven't picked up a needle since the ride to Nac Friday afternoon (and those roads don't make for good stitching so not much progress)

Linda - yes Jason is an 'aspiring actor'. Though if you ask him, he will tell you (and I quote) " Acting is not something that I do, it is who I am". That is what he told us when he was in the 10th grade. We knew then he was serious about it. He is a theatre major (so is his wife, but she is studying stage management while he is studying performance). I have no choice but to assume he will make it - he has no back-up plan! I'm glad he is finally getting some time on the mainstage - I think he was starting to think he was wasting his time at college when he could be in LA or New York. I so want both of them to finish school and right now they seem to be pretty focused. They are halfway there!


Michelle said...

Yippee! So glad you found Mr. Scarecrow! He is adorable.. I'm hoping to get my pumpkin flag up this weekend. This of course entails climbing on the roof of the house so I will leave it up to my darling husband. :)

Michelle said...

P.S. I hope you can get some stitching done soon... somedays are just like that (it's been a couple of days for me too!)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh he is cute! I have never seen one like this guy before. Glad you found him! xo, Becky

PS: Pick up your needle, Tina!!

Lani said...

What a cute scarecrow!! I need to get my Halloween garden flag out soon.

Esther Sunday said...

Glad you found it - it's adorable!

Linda said...

Mr.Scarecrow is too cute! Thank goodness he wasn't with Easter things, he might have missed Halloween:).

Halfway there is great, you must be very proud of them.


Dena said...

What a cute scarecrow! I wish I knew how that Christmas stuff mixes with the Fall stuff. I just found one of my lost Christmas elf dolls in with my Halloween things ;)