Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Stitch night resumes!

I have two friends I stitch with every week (I may have told you that already) We haven't been stitching because Sandra had bypass surgery 6 weeks ago. We did go over last week and have dinner with her but she still wasn't feeling up to stitching so Sarah and I only stayed a little while. This week Sandra is getting back to her old self again! We were beginning to get worried about her last week, but yesterday she met us for lunch and was out shopping with her daughter yesterday afternoon (wedding coming up next month) I think she has finally turned the corner and perking back up - yeah!

The scarecrow pillow was my stitch night project for a long time. I finally finished it back in the summer and have just been waiting for fall to get it out for display. The weather here still gives no hint that the calendar says fall, but I have this pillow out to remind me!

Have a wonderful day!


Esther Sunday said...

LOVE this... so cute, the wording! Hope your friend feels better soon... love, Esther

Michelle said...


Your stitching project is adorable! Great job! That's great your stitching friend is on the mend.

Linda said...

Hi Tina, What a cute pillow and such nice work!

Glad to hear your stitching friend is feeling better and getting out and about. Linda

p.s. I have the same ww them:) L.

Linda said...

Tina, You made me smile...thank you for adding me to your list of blog reads, what a nice honor. Linda

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

How darling! You did a wonderful job making this and it is perfect for now! That is great that you have friends to stitch with. Do you find yourself visiting more than stitching? :) Keep on stitching Tina! Becky