Friday, October 19, 2007


I had lunch with Margo yesterday - we ate light so we could have dessert! She brought her camera so if you want to see what we had, toddle over to her blog and take a look-see. I almost never leave dessert on my plate but this one was too much for even me and I did leave a bit. If I had been coming straight home I would have had a to-go box!
Made a trip through the antique mall this morning and came home with these two lovelies.

Don't you just love that little cut glass mint dish!


Unknown said...

Oh yum, that looks almost love your little purchases from the antique mall.

Margo said...

Love the little dishes. And the buttons from your last post. I'm starting to really love buttons. And yours are so special being from your grandmothers. Lunch was great.

Linda said...

Two sweet finds, and I love the cake stand too. Linda