Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A great weekend!

I had a great weekend! Lots of visiting, lots of eating! I'm way behind on things at home, but that is okay. I also haven't put in a single stitch in 5 days, but that is okay too - but I really need some stitch therapy tonight!

I was so surprised to log on and find that Michelle at http://imalittletpott.blogspot.com/ had included me in the 'You make me smile award'! Thank you so much, Michelle! Sorry - I'm not techy enough to know how to put the cute little image on here and I'm too tired to try to figure it now. I'm also supposed to pass it along to 10 people who make me smile - well that will take some thinking too because all the blogs in my reader make me smile - or they wouldn't be there! I'll have to post those later in the week.

I had an email from Linda at http://web.mac.com/lindasbluegate/iWeb/LInda's%20Blue%20Gate/home.html (I've really got to learn how to put those 'word' link things in) anyway - she said she would be starting on my yard conservatory today! I'm so excited!

Way too many things to do tonight so I better get busy. Since I've not stitched a stitch in 5 days, I've posted a picture of the piece of stained glass I bought myself when I went shopping on my birthday.

Until next time!


Anonymous said...

To snatch a picture off of the net, right click on a picture and select "save picture as" (make sure you note where in your computer it is being saved to), then in your post, when you want to add a picture, click on the little icon at the top of your blogger post text box that is for inserting a picture, it will let you browse through your computer (I'm sure you are familiar with this part), then just go to the file that you saved your picture in. This is so much fun, there are so many great images on the web that you can use in your blog, be careful of copyright though, I have not had any problems with copyright to date. To put in a link: in your text highlight the word that you want linked and above your blogger post text box is a little icon to add a link, click on that icon, it will give a box to put the link address in, put your address in there and then your word should be linked.

Cottage said...

Tina, beautiful stained glass!! Happy Birthday, you deserved it!

Michelle said...

I hope I made you smile..just like you make me and I'm sure many others, smile too! It sounds like you had a great weekend with family.