Monday, February 25, 2008


Well, here is my little pile of stash from Saturday. From Blackbird Designs I picked up Buttons and Pins and the Thank You, Sarah Tobias book. From JBW Designs, the French Country Petite Stocking. I also got a MOP heart shaped thread keep and a MOP 3" ruler, a little ceramic scissor cup and a fridge magnet that says 'I would rather be stitching than in the kitchen'. Too true! LOL

Of course I can't put all my scissors in this little cup, but isn't it cute?

My little MOP collection is just about to outgrow this box. You can just barely see the one little silver thread winder tucked in there. I really need to re-work my displays. (but then I might have to dust!)
Off to work. Have a great Monday!


Kathy said...

Love your stash. Those MOP things are beautiful. Guess I will have to invest in some too.

Maru said...

Beautiful cup!!! I like it.
Regards from Chile

stitcherw said...

You've gotten such great stash lately, I see lovely projects in your future. :)

Your Red Thread is looking so pretty. With Feb. being done and half of the snowman you'll be caught up in no time. The fabric you picked looks great with it. It looks like Country Mocha, one of my favorites.

Thanks for the comment on no Texas state tax. The circus withholds on her behalf in each state (where applicable) that she works and remits to them, so on that side she's covered. I just need to get from her the withholding info and listing of states. Depending on the amount, I'm hoping some may be so small that we may just be able to ignore filing figuring that if anything they would owe something back to her (the circus doesn't pay all that well, LOL).

Vickie said...

Hey Tina - I imagine many people have these dishes. I just love them.

I really your little scissors cup. I bet you've got a scissor collection going. You might get you a washtub and decorate it for your scissors! Now that would be cute! Have a wonderful day - hope you are keeping your headaches at bay. Vickie

Esther Sunday said...

Great stash! Yes, that cup is precious! Love, Esther

Margo said...

What great trinkets. I know you had fun. What are MOP's?

Michelle said...

I love the mother of pearl accessories! Blackbird is one of my favorites too :)


Lapplisor said...

Hi Tina
I find your lining up projects also all very interesting, and look forward to your beginning! But which is a MOP???
I do not know it also.
Best greetings from Germany-
Take care Barbara