Thursday, October 9, 2008

'Blogkeeping' and a happy birthday

I am so far behind in saying thank you for a couple of awards, I'm embarrassed to even bring it up at this point.

Nola gave me the Smile award

and Bo gave me the Super Commenter award.

I thank you both very much. As I have waited so long to respond to them, I won't pass them along, but I will proudly display them in my sidebar. I am still shocked that anyone reads my little blog. My life is so boring! Your comments and emails just make my day. I hope things will settle down here soon so I can get back to posting every day. (but like I said - so boring, what will I post about?)

Today is Sarah's birthday (one of my stitching buddies - no blog) and since tonight is stitch night, I'm going to make a b'day cake for her. Nola - I'm making the hummingbird cake!

Need to make a shopping list and get to the store so I can get to baking!
have a great day!


Nola said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! You guys will LOVE that cake; a new fav, gauranteed!
Don't worry about the awards, I think I have some I never got around to posting or thanking people for yet, too; my bad! It's all the spirit of giving and having fun!
You gals have fun at stitch night!

nikkicrumpet said...

Happy birthday to Sarah. And how lucky she is to have a friend who will bake her a cake!

annemarie said...

We all love reading your blog - you live certainly is not boring. Your stitching is awesome. What is hummingbird cake??