Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quilt - so far

So, here is what my quilt looks like so far.

We are supposed to cut the borders in class tomorrow night. If I had taken a closer picture, you could see that my 'diamonds' are missing their tips - I know what I did wrong but at that point it was too late to go back (well - really not too late, I could have taken it all apart, but this is my first quilt and I can live with it) I'm using the same green with pink flowers for the borders. the backing is the same beige as the triangle pieces. This will be our last class - it was only a piecing class. Not sure exactly what I am going to do about quilting it yet. I know I want to do it myself but we will see. I'm thinking about getting more (different) fabric to try this pattern again and see if I can get it right.
I still have more attic treasure pictures to show - later.
Supposed to rain later today - right about the time I head out for stitch night. Oh well - it was raining last week and I survived, guess I can handle it again tonight! We won't be stitching next week as we will be packing for Houston! (quilt festival) I can't wait!!!


staci said...

Oh, it's beautiful!

nikkicrumpet said...

I think it looks beautiful..I love the fabrics and colors you've used. I am so impressed that you had the drive to even start a project like this!!!

Nola said...

Don't worry about the imperfections, they lend the quilt character! I think it is lovely; can't wait to see the finished product. You're really going fast, I can't believe you've got so much done already.

Brenda Pruitt said...

It's already raining here and it's 5:30. Yes, as Nola says, imperfections lends a quilt character. Nothing is really perfect. All of my quilts have things I did wrong. But I look at it and see where I learned something and went on. Yours is absolutely beautiful, and love went into every stitch.

Anonymous said...

Your quilt is magnificent...... love the pattern and colorers.

Karol said...

How beautiful. My favorite colors to!

Bo said...

Hi Tina...if you hadn't said anything about the tips, I probably wouldn't have noticed because the quilt is very pretty
(and besides this makes yours unique...any old quilt could have tips!) ;-) Bo

All things beautiful said...

That's a great pattern. I have also just finished piecing mine & added on the borders. There's still the backing to do but I'm already dreaming of my next quilt :-)

Kathy said...

I think it looks great. It was only on a few of them. Most people would never know if you didn't tell them. That is a really nice pattern. You colors look great. Now you need to sign up for a quilting class. Have fun in Houston. Maybe you can find stuff there to make this pattern again.

Rue said...

Oh Tina! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that quilt! Beautiful colors and well done. I can't see anything wrong with it myself. Be proud!! :)

I hope you have a great Sunday!