Friday, October 10, 2008

Enter at your own risk

This is where I started this morning. This is the door going into the attic. The attic is 11ft wide and I'm not sure how far it is to the end, 15-20ft maybe. I started on the right side of the door and worked until it started getting hot. I'm still hopeful I can pull it off in two weekends. Hubby can help some tomorrow. I do have a stack of boxes that can come down to be added to the garage sale pile so I've at least made a start.

I made Nola's hummingbird cake yesterday - yummy!

Sorry I didn't get a pic after the frosting was added - it was time to leave for stitch night!
For the recipe, go to Nola's blog

Autumn figured if she stayed in the kitchen (under my feet) the whole time I was cooking (she always does!) I was bound to drop something - she got a small bite of banana.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Brenda Pruitt said...

It looks yummy! Can't blame Autumn for wanting a taste. My neighbor just had a garage sale a few weeks ago. Netted her $1400! That's some pretty good cash.

nikkicrumpet said...

I don't think you should make cakes out of hummingbirds...I'm just sayin....

It does look yummy though lol!

Picket said...

Love hummingbird cake and your attic looks like my open the door and just stand there cause there is no way to get in! lol Thanks for coming by and for the sweet comment on the birth of our little granddaughter..hope you have a great weekend1

Nola said...

Hope you enjoyed it; I know you did. I'll be making one this week for Madam Zelda's trip to Texas and upcoming birthday!.
Don't spend too much time in the attic, it heat's up pretty fast!