Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Three in a row!

Hey - I'm on a roll!

add two to the tree count. I've always had a living room/family room on the front of the house but in this house it is on the back and the dining room is on the front. These are the only two (downstairs) windows on the front so I put these two trees in the dining room.

on the opposite side of the room is the buffet (I'm seriously thinking about painting this white)
And just to keep it real

Autumn also hangs out in here most of the time. I was really hoping to not have a dog in the dining room in this house, but she likes it here so for now. . .


Jan said...

Beautiful trees, Tina! They look like they were made for your dining room windows! And Autumn is so settled in, isn't she?

Barbara said...

your trees and think the cabinet would look great white.

Have a great day.

Unknown said...

Autumn is so adorable! Your trees look wonderful in the dining room :) I agree, that cabinet would be great white :)

All things beautiful said...

I have been looking at a lot of cabinets & shelves in white lately (usually decorated with decoupage roses or folk art) and just adore them. So, YES, you should paint your cabinet :-)