Monday, May 3, 2010

Ignore the wrinkles

I could say the same thing if I were putting a picture of myself on here, but it is just a pic of my stitching!

This is one of the 'skunk' projects from the get-a-way last month. I haven't ironed it yet and I stitched it in-hand so it is a bit wrinkled. You really can't tell much about it from that pic huh?

It is a scissor pocket! Here is what it looks like after it is all finished off. (this is not my piece - it is the sample from class - I took pictures so I would have something to look at when finishing time came)

I used a couple of beads for his eyes on the inside flap(instead of French knots) - I could only find regular size beads but I might go back and replace them with petite ones before I sew it all together. Since I haven't even started stitching the companion pieces (there are 3 more!) I should have plenty of time to hunt down some petite beads. I'm sure I have some - I just don't know exactly where at the moment.


Anonymous said...

cute! I stitched a tiny gingerbread man ornament once and used a regular bead. Then, I changed it to a petite bead and liked it a lot more. I am learning to crochet! I am also on the last part of rise and shine! Get busy on those companion pieces..hehe. Terry

Deb said...

That is such a cute project! I love how it comes together when you're finished and forms the face! Can't wait to see the companion pieces to it.

Nola said...

That's just precious! Yeah, when I saw the title, I thought, "that could be the title of my blog!". Oh, well, at least you can iron out those wrinkles!