Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More patio pics

Here is another picture of the patio. Kind of hard to remember what the house looked like before it was there!

Still not finished but the rest will be slow moving. I'm going to put some kind of curtains on both ends to block out the sun in the mornings and evenings (the patio faces south) and for a little privacy. We used the furniture we had from the old house (there are two more chairs behind the rockers) We had both a front and back porch there and this is the furniture from the front porch. I want some kind of eating space but as you can see there is not much room left so I'm on the lookout for a small 'bistro' set. I'll move the dog house off and put it there. (Autumn never goes inside that doghouse - I really don't know why we even keep it!) We plan to use pavers or brick to make another pad off of the patio to have a place for a grill. There is also a pretty big step off of parts of it so we need to build some kind of steps.

We are still having nice mornings and evenings (gets pretty warm in the middle of the day) so we have spent some time out there. This is the view from the patio. Kinda bare, huh? I want to put in flower beds around the fence and put something back there to block the utility boxes (nice to not have overhead lines, but then you get these ugly boxes in the back yard) but it will be in baby steps. I've done the 'from scratch' thing before and it is just more than a weekend project!
Yes, the umbrella is broken. Wind took it completely out of the table a while back but I figured we could use it as is this year and maybe replace it next year - or maybe I'll get lucky and find a good deal at the end of the summer.


Daffycat said...

Oooo, it looks so nice! What a cozy retreat!

It is getting pretty warm here too now. Full Summer is a thought away, isn't it?

Lorilee said...

Love your furniture!

Nola said...

It's looking great. I got a bistro set since my patio space is so small; one with the bar height table and chairs and we love it!

Jean said...

The patio looks fabulous! Who did the design? It "makes" the back of the house. You have done more in months than I have done in almost three years! Love to you! Aunt Jean