Thursday, May 27, 2010

Looks can be deceiving

Don't let the cuteness fool you.

This is trouble looking for an opportunity to happen.

Baby boy and his bride can't have pets at TSF (they live in dorms on campus) and won't be able to have pets when they go to New York so Nicholas has come to live with us.

I had hoped to have a give-a-way ready before Memorial Day but that is not going to happen. It is hard to sew and keep an eye on he-who-can't-be-trusted at the same time.

I've ordered a couple of gates to hopefully at least keep him off the carpet when I'm not right there to watch him, but even when they come (at least a week!) I'm not sure they will keep him contained. He seems to find his way around most roadblocks.

If I'm scarce around here, now you know why.


Deb said...

I hope that the gates arrive soon! He-Who-Can't-Be-Left-Alone sure looks cute though. We're getting a dog in August so I have a funny feeling I'll be living through the same thing. :o(

Nola said...

What a sweet little face! You know I'm partial to Doxie's, I just wanna kiss his little face off. We got a gate when Chili was a puppy; I hate to tell you this, but he learned to climb over it in less than 2 weeks! Good luck!

Daffycat said...

Didn't ya just know you'd end up raising the granddog? Enjoy your new houseguest and you should be able to teach him some house manners!