Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's blooming!

Hope you enjoyed your long weekend!

When we bought this house this poor little tree looked like it was on death's door.

Seriously, it looks better in this picture than it did IRL.
I don't think it had ever been fed and it had black stuff all over the leaves. We were planning to replace it this spring but thought we would give it a chance first and started feeding and tending to it.
Now look!

It is actually blooming - and it is pink!

And look how much it has grown in just 7 months! It has a lot more buds ready to spring out. You can't really see the other tree that is just behind it in this picture, but it has grown quite a bit too. It didn't appear to be in as bad of shape when we moved in but we have been tending to it too and it looks like both of our trees are going to make it. Now we just have to decide what and where to plant some in the back yard.

Have a great day!

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Deb said...

An unexpected surprise is a good surprise. Those flowers on the tree are a beautiful color.