Thursday, June 3, 2010

Doors and doggies

This is the front of our house when we bought it. (I couldn't find a close-up of just the door)

And this is it now! We finally got our storm door installed and the front door painted to match. Kinda hard to tell in the picture (might be able to tell better if you click to enlarge) but the color is 'cranberry'. I would have liked to go with a more of a 'fire truck red' but since I wanted the wood door and storm door the same color I had to go with what was available in storm doors. I'm happy with it though - it looks much better than the faded stain on that was there. Still need to replace the light fixtures on the porch.

Do you see anything odd in that picture? Find the doorbell?

These guys are pretty happy with it too. . .

This happens every afternoon around 5:15. How do dogs tell time? They used to just sit there on the rug in front of the door waiting on the hubby to get home. Now they just look at me until I open the door so they can see out. (and bark at everyone who walks by!)

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Deb said...

I always wondered where dogs got their uncanny ability to tell time. If we could all do that we wouldn't need watches. The makeover on your door looks great. And what a strange place for the doorbell - a tab far from the door!