Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Well fed birds

Remember that 'mater I showed you the other day? Hubby went out to pick it and it had a huge chunk out of it. He was not happy! This morning I thought I would go out and see if there were any more ready to pick - wanted to get them before the birds.

This is what I found. Dang birds! At least the hubby will have one 'mater to eat with dinner tonight. I've got a pot of peas ready and I think I'll make a meat loaf.

I've also got this ready to go in the oven. I used the recipe is for a Cherry Dump Cake, but I used apples instead of cherries. Yumm. Gotta love something that is easy and yummy!


Karen said...

Is that butter on top? It looks yummy. Please share your recipe!

Anonymous said...

oh I love all those things! I think you might have to pick some of the tomatoes a bit green and bring them in and set them in a window to finish ripening? or put some kind of net on. We used to have a mom at school that would bring 2 hot dump cakes in for breakfast! She added extra butter and nuts. ohhhhhhhh
Terry in Arlington

Attic Rat said...

Once there is even a slight color change, the chemical thing has already happened and you can pick it. It will ripen with full flavor. I like birds, but I do not wish to share my tomatoes with them. LOL


Deb said...

Wow, look at all that butter! Everything is better with butter!! It looks yummy. Boo on the birds and tomatoes though. Perhaps a net over the bushes?

Vonna said...

Ohhh...this cake looks DELICIOUS!