Wednesday, June 9, 2010


How many dishes do you have?
I seem to have a thing for plates. I'm always picking them up to see how much they are. New ones, flea market, antique stores - you can bet I'll pick up at least a few to at least look at, even if I don't buy any.

You would expect to find them here in the cabinet

And even here in the hutch

You've seen them hanging over my sofa

I have a few on the yet-to-be-painted, still-fugly beige dining room wall. (it will be yellow - soon I hope!)

A plate rack on the kitchen counter - some vintage, some new.

I even have some hanging on the back fence

These came from the plate collage that I never could decide where to hang after we moved.

And my plate box isn't empty yet. I also still have the box with plates that were in the flower beds at the old house (along with the bottles from the bottle tree). I haven't decided if I want to 'test the waters' and 'plant' them in the front flower bed here or wait until I have beds in the back. (either way I would have to dig the box out of the garage - no small feat)

I've shown photos before of the plates I have hanging in the master bath and laundry room.

I'm sure I've missed a few. Like I just remembered I have them over the pantry door but I'm not going looking for pictures - you get the idea, right?

Do you have a thing for plates?
Use them for decorating?


Anonymous said...

I have some dark green geranium leaf plates flanking the breakfast room window. I also have a collection of white butter pats mounted over a white iron bed in a guest room at the lake house. It was kind of hard to find the tiny butter pat plate hangers. They are cute! That is all I have so far. Terry in Arlington

Deb said...

I do love plates and have collected quite a few. I plan on putting them up in my kitchen - whenever DH finally gets around to painting it. Hmmm, maybe if I put them up that will spark him to paid - usually works that way.

Love your plates hanging on the fence too!

Daffycat said...

Lovely collection, Tina. I actually collect plates too but only ones with strawberries on them. They are displayed on a plate rail in the kitchen. I also collect other strawberry kitchen items on occasion, but not too often...only if I truely love the item. Or else I'd be overflowing with strawberries!

Nola @ the Alamo said...

I use plates all over the house for decorating, too, but I'm too chicken to hang them on the fence. (Maybe I should buy some new, cheap ones for that, my old ones are too precious!)

{::The Funny::Friendly::Finley::Family::} said...

All of the dish ideas are lovely! I just started following you from Austin, Texas & I'm in love with your style. Looking forward to following.