Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weekend project finished!

This was my 'weekend' project.

This desk used to belong to hubby's dad. Around here it is referred to as 'Granddad's desk'. Anyway - as you can see, it has been used and abused.

It lived in middle son's room for awhile and he used it for his computer desk. In that time he took out three drawers and made a door so he could put his CPU in it. (he also cut out a panel on the back - the drawers were re-installed but the hole remains) I'm pretty sure it lived in the garage for awhile (where unused furniture waits for a new life) then moved to college with baby boy and on to Minnesota last year. We brought it back in May when we brought Ashley back to Texas.

After sanding, puttying, sanding, painting, sanding and waxing it is now in hubby's room upstairs. (also known as the game room)

The wall behind it will eventually be painted green - haven't made it to the upstairs rooms yet!


I also spray painted the drawer pulls. Now that the 'work' part is done, I need to get on to the 'fun' part! It needs a lamp (Home Goods, here I come) and a chair. Still debating about having a piece of glass cut for the top.

Waiting to see just how much rain we get from Alex. Cloudy and dark, occasional wind, but so far no rain. Don't mind the rain as long as there is no flooding.


The Durham Family said...

I love it! Great job!
As far as I MIL still doesn't realize I've painted all the 1970s wood furniture she gave us!

Anonymous said...

Great job! I love the drawer pulls. Can't wait to see the lamp, etc. Terry

Deb said...

I think that your desk came out perfect. A piece of glass on top of it may be a good thing - white shows a lot of things (as I'm finding out on my cutting table).

Sherry said...

The desk looks beautiful. I hope Alex is gentle on you all and hopefully turns back out to sea and avoids you all together!

All things beautiful said...

Nice to hear how well Granddad's desk has served the family :-)You did a great job restoring it... I love white!