Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Recipe for a Snowman
Pine Mountain Designs

I started stitching this on the way to Minnesota but I didn't get very far. (I still haven't finish, finished the pin pillow I did get stitched on the trip) Anyway - I've been stitching on it a little in the evenings and I'm getting close to finished. Now if I could only remember if I have a pillow form for it. I 'think' I bought one, but if I did I have no idea where it is!

If only stitching a snowman could make you feel cooler!

Still waiting on that rain we are supposed to get today.


Anonymous said...

LOL! I hope it is going to say moms buttons? I kept thinking..why does the snowman need moms butt? It is going to be cute! I just saw a thing today on a blog called an Icup. It is a thing to hold an Iphone in a car cup holder but the lady put her scissors and thread and needles and all that in it and it just sits there for sewing in the car! Terry in Arlington

Deb said...

It's so cute Tina! Don't you wish that stitching that could make you cooler. It's been pretty hot there, hasn't it. It's' been hot and muggy here too - plus we had an earthquake up here today. Mother Nature is not happy about something.

Daffycat said...

Awesome stitching! ROFLMAO ~ Moms butt!!!