Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Identity crisis

Thinks he's a cat.

Question - if you 'follow' a blog how do you get the posts to go away on your dashboard? I read them in Google Reader - and then they don't show up anymore there, but when I read them on dashboard, they are still there. Do you have to not 'follow' them anymore to get the posts to go away. (I don't mind the new ones I haven't read showing up there even though I have probably already read them in reader but I sure don't need the whole history there, especially after I've read them!) If you have any tips, I would be grateful!

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meowmomma said...

I first started out "following" blogs, but then decided to just save them to my browser favorites instead. The one's I originally followed are still in that box you're speaking about but I just ignore them and read them from my favorites link. One of the one's I was "following" I no longer read so I did delete it from both places.

Does that help?