Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Apparently the dogs are confused.

Hubby ran over something on the way home from work yesterday and couldn't get his tire replaced until this morning, so he left at his regular time this morning but came back 15 minutes later. He was here less than an hour and then we left together - when I came back without him the dogs whined at the front door until I opened it up so they could look out. (ignore the snot smudges - I can't keep the doors clean below dog-nose height)

They barked at people on their morning walk. They barked at the landscapers working across the street. They barked at a car that stopped out front (still not sure why - I think she was talking on the phone) and I think Coco must have been out since I thought I heard 3 dogs barking at the same time and I couldn't see anyone walking by with a dog - he must not have stayed long because by the time I got downstairs to see what they were barking at they had stopped. (Chihuahua, lives 3 houses down - thinks he owns the neighborhood) Coco and hubby had a discussion out in the garage last night too.

They didn't give up until close to noon! Almost time for the to start whining for me to open it back up so they can watch for him to come home - unless they are still confused.

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Mouse said...

awww bless there cotton paws :) love mouse xxx