Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spying on the neighbor

It is too hot to do anything else, so I'm spying on the neighbor.

Seriously - the neighbor has this vine growing in her back yard. I had two options to get a picture - go outside and climb up on the fence or take it out the upstairs window through the screen. The current temp is 101. Yep, I took it through the screen! Anywho - I'm not sure what this thing is called. She had one last summer and it made it to the top of the pole, but didn't creep over on to the porch post. This year it is even bigger! It does die back in the winter. Sorry about the crappy picture - like I said, I took it through the screen.

I have one of these bulbs but I'm unsure where to plant it. I don't have any beds in the back yard and the front beds are full so I'm thinking of just planting it in a pot this year.

I have this trellis - I had morning glories on it at the old house but haven't planted any here yet - so I was thinking I could plant this trellis in the back corner of the yard and sit the pot in front of it. Maybe next spring I will get more beds built and I can decide where to give it proper home.
So - whatcha think?

It is seriously HOT here. Like August hot - and it is still June! Yes, the end of June, but still. As soon as you walk outside it just zaps ya. Like walking into an oven.


Mouse said...

hope they haven't seen you stalking the plants with a camera in hand ..lol can't tell what it is either sorry does it get flowers on at all ???? love mouse xxxx

Deb said...

I don't know that that vine is called, but you're cracking me up stalking the neighbor's plants!

hilary said...

It's a potato vine. Not the sweet potato one. They make little brown potatoes in the fall that you collect for next spring. They are only hardy in zone 8B or higher.
We're 8a and can grow them, but they don't come back. This drought has killed off nearly everything and now Texas is in serious threat of losing all our trees. It's really scary. We're sizzling and there's no relief in sight unless there's a hurricane. Who wants to wish that on our friends on the coasts. Texas needs to get on its knees. I'm sick of this heat. I know you are too