Friday, June 3, 2011

White paint and blisters

Who knew you could get blisters from spray painting?

3 cans of white spray paint and two blisters later.

It takes a lot of paint to get in all the nooks and crannies on that glider! It looks pretty good if you look at it straight on, but if you look from the sides you can still see a few spots where the side of the mesh didn't get paint so I still have a few spots to touch up. I thought I would give my trigger finger a break today!

Only one table and 4 chairs left to paint.

We did hit 100 yesterday - just in case you wondered. 'Only' 98 today. Whew.

Have a great weekend!


Mouse said...

ohh it looks lovely though even if it did cause some boo boos :( :) love mouse xxxx

Anonymous said...


My hubby just told me that you can buy some kind of handle thing to put on spray cans so that you do not have to use one finger for it all. Terry

Unknown said...

Check Walmart for a spray handle , they are really cheap and will save your finger !