Monday, September 7, 2009

Baby Boy's Big Adventure

Before we get into baby boy's big adventure, I want to say thanks for all the comments and emails about the sale of our home. Next - I was reminded that I left out the part about all the outdoor furniture (and the big pile of rock) that is stored at my 'dear baby sister's' house. Love ya sis!

Remember I said we cut a trip short. Where did we go? Well baby boy and his bride are off on an adventure and we helped out with getting them there.

Monday evening - First you have dad load up everything you have stored in Nac - then you send dad home to J'ville to re-pack it while you go to film (he worked on an internet video series all summer - can be found at if you are interested). DIL was still finishing up work in Kilgore.

Unload everything

ask the 'expert' for help (middle son - trust me, this kid can pack it in!)

figuring out the puzzle

Every job needs a supervisor. (It's August, it's Texas, time to drag out the fan!)

Tuesday morning - more re-arranging to accommodate the stuff that DIL had in the car the day before.

All loaded! I should have taken a picture of the car too - trust me, it was packed as tight as the U-haul.

First stop. Big brother came along to help with the driving.
Yes, we are traveling with two dogs - and one very drugged up cat.

Baby boy's bride

When you go through Oklahoma you have to stop at the 'World's largest McDonalds'

On the road again

Wednesday morning. Lost track of how many 'pit stops' we made along the way but here is a tip for ya - if you are traveling through the night and will be in Iowa after dark, fill the gas tank before you cross the state line.

Made it to Minnesota - now what?

Parked on the corner waiting for a spot to open up in front of the apartment so we can unload the U-haul. Oh - we are now in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 24 hours after leaving Texas and yes, we are tired!

The new place
Don't you love those wood floors?

They are in the bedroom too!

After over 1000 miles and over 24 hours on the road - finally getting rid of the U-haul!
Jason and Ashley have moved to Minnesota. Ashley is the stage manager intern at The Gutherie for this year. When she finishes the internship she will receive her BFA in stage management from SFA.
We had planned to stay several days in Minneapolis but since our house was scheduled to close on the 18th (you already know that story) we cut our stay to one day. I'll show you how we spent our day in the next post!


Lorilee said...

Wow, from Texas to Minnesota! That is a change. The winter will be a BIG change! I wish them luck there!

Nola said...

Nowhere but Texas; I LOVE the photo with the fan! I, too, have moved in the intense heat of Texas in August, my sympathies to anyone who must do that!
I've been to that McD's, too!