Monday, September 14, 2009

The big five-o

Couldn't let the day pass (Tuesday) without saying happy birthday to the hubby. Yeppers - he is (will be) 50!

I had planned to make him a cake and take him out for dinner (after he spent the day playing golf) but those plans have been put on hold. He will still get his golf game, a cake and he will still get wings for dinner - just not tomorrow.

My mother is having surgery in the morning so we will be making a (very early) flying trip in the morning. (which is why I'm throwing this post up early and with a 5 year old pic - I thought I would have time to go through pics tomorrow and find just the right one!)

This pic is from the last night of the cruise we took for our 25th anniversary. Other than a few more gray hairs, he hasn't changed. (cleans up pretty good, huh?)


Barbara said...

Happy Birthday to Hubby and wish a speedy recovery for your Mom. Seems things come around together and we are running here and there.

Hope all is well soon.

All things beautiful said...

Will be praying for speedy healing and restoration for your mum. Take care.

Michelle said...


Happy birthday to your husband and I hope all goes well with your mother's surgery..


Anonymous said...

Praying for your mom during her surgery and recovery..Terry in Arlington