Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm so confused

Internet has been screwed up since Friday - over the weekend I couldn't get any connection at all. Yesterday and this morning, sometimes I can get to the web, most times not. (even though it shows that I am online) Can't get email at all unless I can get directly to the provider page (most times not) It was supposedly fixed yesterday afternoon but that only lasted about long enough for me to say 'hey, I'm back online'. Can't just change providers since there seems to be some kind of contract with the apartment complex and the choices are take it or leave it. (hopefully we won't be here much longer!)
I'll be back if they (I really would like to put the name of the provider here but I won't - doubt you have ever heard of them anyway - I hadn't) ever get their act together. If you have sent me an email I'll get back to you - just don't know when!

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