Thursday, September 24, 2009

Better late than never

Yeah! I have internet access again. (don't want to jump too high - who knows how long it will last)
It has finally cooled off a bit here - of course everything is relative, if we don't hit at least 90 it seems cool! Had a bit of rain the past few days and that has kept the temps down. It was actually pretty nice when I was out walking the dog this morning.

I finally got around to getting the hubby his (belated) birthday cake! Not the usual (Italian Cream) because I don't know where my cake pans are - I know they are in a box in one of 3 storage buildings, but I'm not going looking for them! I had a disposable pan in the pantry along with a cake mix and a can of frosting so this will have to do until I have a real kitchen again!
Keep your fingers crossed (and toes and eyes and anything else you can cross) - I may have some house news soon!

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Details! Tell! Terry in Arlington