Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Thanks for the emails and comments for my mother - she is home and doing well. Hubby told her she didn't have to go to such drastic measures to see him on his birthday and she promised not to do it again! LOL (and thanks for the b'day wishes for hubby - I still owe him a cake and a trip to eat wings)
Since I didn't think mother would appreciate me taking her picture fresh out of surgery yesterday, I'm pulling out this pic from the trip to Minnesota to use today. The Minnesota welcome center had some wonderful landscaping. I did manage to get a few pictures there even though by that time we were all tired and grouchy!


Anonymous said...

Great news! :) Terry in Arlington

All things beautiful said...

So glad your mum is out of the hospital & improving day by day. Can understand your earlier anxiety cos I was there in the same boat two weeks ago. Thank God everything is settling down back to normal now. Take care & God bless.