Thursday, August 19, 2010

Breakfast room table


This is the table that we started with in the breakfast room. (it is the one that is now in the dining room) I'm not a very good blogger - I had to go back to when we first moved in to find this picture - apparently not only did I not take any when we were moving tables, but I didn't take any while we were painting this room.


This is the table that is now in the breakfast room. My dad built the table and bench probably 20+ years ago. The kids were all still little so I know it has been awhile. We bought the chairs at an unfinished furniture store. When we first got it, it was all stained the color of the chair seats. After much use and abuse (natural distress!) I painted it several years ago.

When we got the table oval table, this one went to live with baby boy and his bride until they moved into an apartment that wasn't big enough for a table, then it went to live with three friends that were rooming together. We brought it back to live with us when we were living in the apartment. Like I said - naturally distressed. I really would like to replace the chairs with some ladder-back ones, but haven't found any. I'm planning to paint it all again soon, but this time I am going to paint all of it white(except the top, which is formica). I will also paint the bar stools and the shelf in front of the window. Will I paint them white? Remains to be seen. When will I paint any of it - not until it cools off some! There needs to be some sanding done before painting and it is too hot to go outside and do it now!

I did stitch a little more on Silent Sampler again last night. Not a lot, but every stitch counts! (unless you have to take them out - last night they counted!)


Patty C. said...

Lovely room - I enjoyed the new look :)

All things beautiful said...

You really have a lovely home, Tina. Thanks for sharing. I'm really inspired...wish I have time to do up mine.