Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A little re-do.

I stitched this little stamped cross stitch for my grandmother a long time ago. At the time, I couldn't afford to have it professionally framed so I put it in a little cheap-o frame. I had no idea how to actually frame needlework at the time so it was just wrapped around the cardboard insert and taped to the back.

Several years ago it came back to me and I took it apart and re-framed it. I re-mounted it, but I used the same frame it was in before. I had it in my office at the old house but when we moved here it never got unpacked for whatever reason (there are still boxes that aren't unpacked, but we won't go there) Anyway - I found it when I was looking for something else (naturally) and knew I had to do something about that gold frame. So, I got out the craft paints and gave it a little re-do.

I didn't take it apart - I just taped around the glass to keep the paint off and used a small brush. At first I wasn't sure I had picked the right blue-green color but I propped it up on a shelf and let it sit for a bit (it isn't quite as bright in person as it looks in this pic) and it has grown on me. (The little blue-green flowers I was trying to match don't show up well in this picture)

I'm going to take a little bloggy break. My kiddos - all of them! - are going to be here for the weekend. This will be the first time they have all been together in a year and the first time they have all been here, at this house, at the same time. I'm really excited to have them all together for a visit. On Monday, baby boy and his bride will hop on a jet plane and head for New York. Who knows when they will be back to Texas to visit. Hubby has taken a few days off work so we can spend all spend the weekend together.

I'll be back next week. Have a great weekend!


aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

I love the new frame color !!!

annemarie said...

Love your picture - hope you have a wonderful weekend with all the kids home - I know you will enjoy every minute.

Rue said...

Hi Tina :)

That frame looks great!

Have a great time with your family my sweet friend :)


All Things Beautiful said...

Hope you had a great reunion. Treasure every second :-)