Monday, August 16, 2010

What was in the box

Well, it appears the box I sent Anne took the scenic route to get there. I mailed it on Aug 4th and it was supposed to only take two days (really, it should have arrived the next day - it had less than 30 miles to travel!) anywho - I was starting to get concerned about it but it finally arrived on Friday so now I can show you what was in the box. (and I hope I can get that SNL skit out of my head soon - if you saw it, you know what I'm talking about)

Like I said before, there was nothing great in the box. I just picked up little things here and there. A couple of things I bought two - one for me, and one for the box - so really, just things I liked. So - there was a little white vase and vintage hankie I picked up at an antique mall, a journal, bookmark, stork scissors, metal sign, laundry bag, a couple of fat quarters of fabric, a hand painted pink hanger, a pair of 'fancy' gloves (aren't those just too cute?) a small pillow I made and of course, the patriotic banner.

A couple of weird things going on here - there is wet stuff falling from the sky at the moment and I actually crossed a few stitches last night!

I've got my email in a mess. When Timothy was here he moved all my emails to one place (at my request) and fixed it where I can get them on both the desktop and laptop. Some of them I can delete from one place and they will still be on the other computer, some not-so-much. As you have probably guessed by now, I have deleted some I thought would still be on the desktop. Oops. I'll figure it out eventually but if you have sent or send me something and don't get a response - send it again! Once I get it all figured out, I plan to stop using aol all together (since I'm such a spammer and all) and try to get myself a little organized. Of course it may take Timothy coming again to 'coach' me some more.

Okay - that's it for today. Enjoy the rest of your day!


annemarie said...

I disagree with you - everything in that box was great!!! Thank you again for everything.

Anonymous said...

very cute stuff! and lots of it! Terry

All things beautiful said...

Nice stash, especially the stork scissors and hanger.Lucky Anne! :-)